Tuesday, 23 August 2011



a fair bit has happened and i've always been awful at filling in backstory. let's do one of those tv show-type recaps instead, and pretend you've been watching the previous episodes and just need to refresh your memory.

new flat: studio, tiny, book-filled, wallpapered with artwork/posters/post-its.
part-time job: secondhand bookshop, slightly batty (but very lovely) old lady who runs the place, she's selling out in a week and i'm helping catalog, carry, organize and pile books for her while she gives me the occasional toffee and asks me how school was. the pay's pretty rubbish but i LOVE the job.
job-hunting: i'm waiting to hear back from a couple of places, had an editorial test last week and they said they'd let me know about an interview this week. waiting, i've learned, is a noble art. i have also learned that i'm not very noble.
living alone: it's the most fabulous thing EVER.
new buys: a blue and white ceramic teapot with stars on it (i don't drink tea), a potted african violet named fred (who i'm rather besotted with at the moment), a canvas and oil paints, faaar too many books.
volunteering: at the oxfam bookshop on saturday mornings. i love it.
internet/laptop issues: no internet connection in the new flat, sky's being a pain. i have taken to stealing internet from the chip shop two floors down instead. there's a spot by the window (wedged between the couch and the wall) where i get two bars of signal. and the laptop stopped working three weeks ago, but i finally managed a temporary fix a few hours ago (yay me!)

there, i think that covers it.

i defrosted my freezer today with a knife, a spoon and several sainsbury’s plastic bags. well, part of it anyway. enough to get my half-bag of frozen veggies in. if and when i have something larger than a thumb to put in there, i will defrost the rest.

what’s that you say? why not just press the defrost button? let me explain. i have a tiny primitive fridge (it came with the tiny flat, more like a package deal), and the freezer is strongly reminiscent of a small cave during the ice age.

so, risking hypothermia in the form of frozen fingers, i dug in. i also discovered an ice cube tray in there, but only after my trusty knife cut it in half.

more updates as flat-life continues.