Sunday, 26 June 2011

(makes a contented noise)

today was a couch day. you know, one of those days when you vegetate in front of the telly under your duvet with an assortment of food on the coffee table and just never get up. granted, most of my days are a bit like that since i'm unemployed, but today was sunny and cheerful outside and i chose to be indoors. so that makes it a couch day.

why was it a couch day, you ask (it doesn't matter if you didn't, i'm telling the story here). well, i had a story to finish, flats to look for, an editorial internship to read up on, and i was wallowing in glorious solitude since i lose sole ownership of the flat with The Flatmate returning tomorrow (which means his woman does as well, they're like one of those two-for-the-price-of-one offers).

then i saw that skype had this whole 60 minutes to ireland at the fabulous price of 60p a month so i had to get that. then went and promptly spent all said minutes on one hyper phonecall to liz (chain-smoking, fabulously eccentric friend). i reckon it's going to go on one one call next month as well. i tend to talk a lot.