Thursday, 23 June 2011


i start a two week editorial internship at random house on tuesday! lordy, just saying that makes me smile. they rang me yesterday and i was so flabbergasted that i ended up sounding fairly half-witted on the telephone. i also used the word 'fantastic' several times. and oooh-ed. it's a wonder they still want me, really.

then, to top things off, someone else from random house (yes, i'm going to say 'random house' a lot in this post, it makes me feel fabulous) rang me today and said something about another internship starting next week. turns out, my CV got sent to both the marketing and editorial departments and for some (very inexplicable) reason, they both fancied having me. i asked if i could have the editorial one, she said yes and i'm meant to get an email confirming it, but i haven't. so my head is playing out various scenarios which inevitably end with me not getting either internship. and eating lots of jelly beans to recuperate.

oooh yes, the jelly beans. my gloriously delightful friend rose sent me a box (i am currently sampling a toasted marshmallow one) for apparently no other reason than to make me happy. when i snag and marry someone very (very) high up at random house, she's getting all the free books she can accommodate. that's assuming i still have an internship to start things off with.

well now comes the fun part. re-reading my CV and educating myself to an extent that allows me to be passably good at all the things on it.

and ooooooh a strawberry daiquiri jelly bean. yum.