Sunday, 19 June 2011

hangover sunday

overheard at a party last night-
slurring leather-jacketed guy: god, you're gorgeous.
drunk blonde: yeah, i know right.

oooh but it was a pretty fabulous evening. after The Flatmate's abrupt and very considerate announcement, alcohol was definitely needed. i ended up doing shots of something scandinavian (that tasted like a spice rack exploded in it) out of teacups under the kitchen table with this kiwi guy. yes. apparently i just don't learn. he'd seen mogwai AND sigur ros live, though. that has to count for something.

other fun people:
the guy whose (now ex) fiancee got drunk and punched him in the jaw at their pre-wedding barbecue.
the guy who writes theatre reviews but never actually watches any of the shows.
the tea company employee (i've used the word 'guy' four times already, meh) who is writing a screenplay about "this man who is better than everyone in the entire world. at absolutely everything."

oooh i even managed to scribble out an idea for a story during the hour-long tube ride. manisha shines on as being a responsible adult.