Tuesday, 21 June 2011

plot points, chicken and boys

i read this article somewhere online today (that i cannot for the life of me find again) that gives you a list of things you need to do when working on your novel. one of the them was to make flashcards with plot points, then lay them out and mix them up to see how best to arrange the chronology of your plot. i really need to do that. i keep mixing my timelines up. well, not just the timelines. the people, the murders, the order of the deaths and (sufficient to say, everything) also tend to repeat details and descriptions sometimes. what can i say, i have a short attention span.

so flashcards this week then. ooh The (soon to be ex) Flatmate is headed to glastonbury for a bit so i get a prequel to life without him and his woman. OH THE JOY. i can't decide whether to get stoned and wave half-eaten chicken strips at lovely men in random chick flicks or get stoned and wave half-eaten chicken strips at lovely men in random chick flicks. decisions.

oh and for the groan-worthy thing of the day, the previously mentioned kiwi i did shots with over the weekend apparently wants my number. now generally a boy with a reasonably good taste in music wanting one's number is never a bad thing, but i have the worst possible track record with men from that part of the world. and that's putting it mildly. what's that you say? give this one a chance? ha. that's what i said about the last three and look at where that got me (look at my to-do list! look!). groan.

i haven't replied to our mutual friend's text yet. this could get awkward. i need to figure out how to phrase "i'm sorry, i don't date guys from there" nicely. maybe lots of smiley faces? or that could just make me look like i've lost my marbles.

life's always fun on planet manisha.