Friday, 24 June 2011

a new book and a quickly diminishing pack of jelly beans

apparently rose wasn't done! i got a copy of 'i heart new york' in the mail today! i did a little hop, skip and jump with the appropriate sound effects on the stairs up to the flat and ignored the builders gawping at me. another book! ever since i was abruptly told that i had to move (no, i'm never going to let that go), i've wanted to collect a truckload of books. i have this mental image of my new place that has no furniture but piles and piles of books everywhere. it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

ooooh The Brother just popped up online to tell me that he now has a girlfriend (as of twenty minutes ago). that kid does rather well for himself, i must say. this is the third girl he's been entangled with this year (none of them were very serious, he is related to me after all) but now it looks like he's settled down for a bit. aw. sometimes i have to agree that he's the more mature one.

man, i'm tired. the real estate people are sending someone over to have a look at the place tomorrow since we're moving out, so i did a quick tidy up and got rid of all the bottles and tins from the bucket on top of the fridge. the flat looks nice and classy now.

also, note to self: don't eat buttered popcorn and coconut jelly beans together.