Monday, 20 June 2011

here comes the sun

after a dreary, depressed and damp-eyed morning, my head decided to do a complete turnaround and be inexplicably cheerful. so what if i end up on the street with debts? so what if they throw me in jail for not being able to pay council tax? so what if my flatmate and friend for the last two years suddenly decided that it's perfectly okay to fuck me over? so what if no one ever hires me and i end up eating stale bread until i start to look like one of those kids in those adverts that ask you to send food and water to africa? so what? as long as i have my charming personality and winning smile, i'll be just dandy. even whilst starving to death.

note: i just realized that they don't ask you to send food to africa, they ask for a donation. food would make a lot more sense, though.

well i just sent a dozen job applications out, each one extolling my nonexistent virtues (while making my way through half a bag of doritos). if one were to go by my CV, i am quiiiite the catch. excellent at doing a number of things (bullshitting, primarily) and with a deep and abiding interest in whatever the particular job requires. if i ever get called for interview, i have a lot of reading up to do. and i should probably figure out how to use quarkxpress, since i'm apparently 'very proficient' at it.

ooooh i also received a lovely little package in the mail. i won a flash fiction competition a week or two ago that was run by, and they sent me a little goodie bag wrapped in purple tissue. i squawked most undignifiedly when i saw it. purple tissue. these people are evidently divine.

my camera (like most other things around me at the moment) has decided to be mean and nasty, so i'm going to make do with the webcam. ta-daaa! presents!

now if someone could send me a new place to live tomorrow, that'd be fabulous.